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March 17
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Daily Chart March 17, 2014 investwithalex

A strong up day with the Dow Jones up 181 points (1.13%) and the Nasdaq up 34 points (0.81%). 

This stock market action is consistent with what I have warned about at the end of February. The fact that the market is shifting from it’s bull market to it’s bear market and to expect a lot more volatility. That is exactly what we have seen thus far in March.  While most people believe that the market is acting wildly due to geopolitical events associated with Ukraine/Russia/USA, it is anything but true. As I have said so many times before, the market is tracing out it’s exact mathematical structure. When the market is done, it will reverse itself and start the bear market of 2014-2017.

Now, the market left a huge gap on the downside that it will have to eventually close.  Whether it’s going to happen over the next few days or over the next few weeks is indicative of whether or not the bear market has already started. If you would you like to know exactly when the market will top out as well as the internal structure of the upcoming 2014-2017 bear market, please CLICK HERE.  

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